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Let’s give it a go

‘I love to work with my clients to identify and to achieve their personal health and fitness goals through a tailored approach of regular fitness activities and guided fitness programs’

Not your Typical Personal Trainer

A full and happy life includes getting the most out of your body. To me, that means two things: adventure, and active ageing.
The tools I’ve chosen are fitness, healthy eating, and an active lifestyle. I’d love to pass on my knowledge so you can live your life to the fullest.

Life Should Be Physical

I came to Personal Training later in life, and I’ve never been a traditional gym goer. What that tells you is that I don’t believe everyone should look a certain way, or train the same way.
You are as individual as your body, your mind, and your dreams.

Educate, Don’t Medicate

I firmly believe that the aim of Personal Training is to optimise your fitness, strength, and health. That will look different for everybody, and I’m here to make the process fun, interesting, and enjoyable.
My passions include fitness travel – exploring the world through physical adventure – and I love helping others train for the physical challenges of daily life and extraordinary journeys. Work with me and you’ll have a compassionate, friendly face expert supporting you through the life-changing adventure of getting fit and healthy.We only get one life. We only get one body. Isn’t it time to prioritise yours?

Why Choose Me As Your Personal Trainer?

Not all Personal Trainers are the same. It’s important to choose one that shares your energy and values.
I will create a realistic training programme tailored to your fitness goals, and keep you accountable with plenty of encouragement so you get the most from your training.

It should be fun and enjoyable!

Perhaps you are dealing with a long-term injury or physical condition that needs a different training approach. My specialist background means I know how to work alongside other health professionals to keep you safe as you make progress.
I encourage the idea of being active every day – even if you can only do a bit. It boosts your “happy hormones”, improves mood and helps you deal with stress and anxiety. Daily activity also helps you maintain a healthy bodyweight and reduce the risk of chronic disease. It even helps you age better – physically and mentally. I promise to support you in your fitness journey, giving you expert advice, support, and encouragement so you get more out of life.

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Kate has shown me to embrace exercise again, after many years of pain through an old injury. She has overcome my fear of limitations and I am healthiest I have been in years. My workouts with Kate make me feel uplifted, energised and positive”


Having quickly gained an understanding of my fitness requirements, Kate tailors my workouts to suit and encourage me every step (and burpee) along the way. Kate has a positive and engaging approach and her sessions are always varied and interesting. I continue to enjoy the benefits of what she has taught me, with more motivation, interest and enthusiasm for PT sessions


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